The Corporation of the City of Grand Forks

Public Hearing

Meeting #:PH-2019-6
7217 - 4th Street, City Hall Council Chambers

The Chair will call the Hearing to Order:

(a) The purpose of this Hearing is to consider certain bylaws which, if adopted, shall amend the City of Grand Forks - Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1919 and/or Zoning Bylaw No. 2039.

(b) All persons who believe that their interest in property within the boundaries of the City is affected by the proposed bylaw(s) shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaw(s) that are the subject of this Hearing. No one will be or should feel discouraged or prevented from making their views known. This Hearing is open to the public and all representations to Council form part of the public record. A live video and audio feed may be broadcast and recorded by GFTV.

(c) All information, correspondence, petitions or reports that have been received concerning the subject bylaws have been made available to the public. The correspondence and petitions received after August 21, 2019 (date of notification), are available for inspection during the course of this hearing and are located on the information table in the foyer of the Council Chamber.

(d) Members of Council may ask questions, if they so wish; however, the main function of Council members is to listen to the views of the public. It is not the function of Council to debate the merits of the proposed bylaw with individual citizens or with each other at this Hearing.

(e) Council debate on the proposed bylaw(s) is scheduled to take place during the next Regular Council meeting after the conclusion of this Hearing. It should be noted, however, that for some items a final decision may not be able to be reached at that meeting.

(f) It must be emphasized that Council will not receive any representation from the applicant or members of the public after conclusion of this Hearing.

(g) During a Public Hearing, people sometimes become enthusiastic or emotional. Regardless of whether you favour or oppose any application or argument, please refrain from applause or other expressions of emotion. Restraint enables others whose views may or may not coincide with your own to exercise their right to express their views and have them heard in as impartial a forum as possible.

The Corporate Officer will affirm that Notice of Public Hearing was given in compliance with Section 466 of the Local Government Act.

(a) Brief description of the application by City Staff (Planning Department);

(b) The Chair will request that the Corporate Officer indicate all information, correspondence, petitions or reports received for the record.

(c) The applicant is requested to make representation to Council regarding the project and is encouraged to limit their presentation to 15 minutes.

(d) The Chair will call for representation from the public in attendance as follows:

  1. The microphone at the delegates table has been provided for any person(s) wishing to make representation at the Hearing.
  2. The Chair will recognize ONLY speakers at the delegation table.
  3. Those who wish to speak concerning the proposed bylaw should, at the appropriate time, commence your address to the Council and the meeting by clearly stating your name and address.
  4. Speakers are encouraged to limit their remarks to 5 minutes; however, if they have additional information, they may address Council again after all other members of the public have been heard a first time.

(e) Once the public has had an opportunity to comment, the applicant is given an opportunity to respond to any questions raised. The applicant is requested to keep the response to a total of 10 minutes maximum.

(f) Questions of staff by members of Council must be asked before the Public Hearing is closed and not during debate of the bylaw at the next Regular Meeting, unless for clarification.

(g) Final calls for representation (ask three times). Unless Council directs that the Public Hearing on the bylaw in question be held open, the Chair shall state to the gallery that the Public Hearing on the Bylaw is closed.

Note: Any applicant or member of the public may use visual aids (e.g. photographs, sketches, slideshows, etc.) to assist in their presentation or questions. Please ask staff for assistance prior to the Hearing if required.